Sacramento #2 for “Biggest gains, single-family home prices”

Sacramento Rank

Sacramento Rank

Experiencing a 26.61% increase in single-family home prices between June 2012, and June 2013 placed Sacramento in second place in the category of “Biggest gains, single-family home prices” on the recently released Bloomberg Best (and Worst) list.

Neighboring cities Modesto and Stockton also made rankings in the same category. Modesto, California came in at number 8 with an increase of 24.28% in single-family home prices. Stockton ranked far lower on the list at number 20 with an increase of 20.69%.

Sacramento made the Bloomberg Best (and Worst) list in 7 categories total. Here are Sacramento’s placements in the other categories:

  • #7 Most Expensive Sushi Rolls
  • #10 Highest Prices Premium Sushi
  • #20 Most Expensive Housing Market
  • #33 Most Foreclosures  
  • #48 Fastest Growing
  • #55 Highest Premiums for Advanced Degrees

Check out Bloomberg Best (and Worst) list

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