Want to know how much Congress made during the shutdown?


Well of course, if it is newsworthy, the answer might make you wince.  According to Congress Still Gets Paid, members have earned over $4 million within the 16-day standoff in Congress, as reported at the Huffingtonpost.

Lawmakers compensation is protected by the 27th Amendment, “which states that no law changing the rate of pay for members may take effect until after an election in the House of Representatives,” according to reporter Mollie Reilly.

However, for federal workers, such protections do not exist and furloughs left them without pay for over two weeks, while “members of Congress continued to earn their salaries. In light of such a situation, Congress has “approved granting back pay to workers furloughed during the showdown,” according to Reilly.

Individuals protesting the earning of paychecks by Congress during a shutdown have signed online petitions, and a representative has introduced an act. Reilly concludes, “hundreds of lawmakers decided to either refuse or donate their salaries until an agreement was reached.”

Please read “Here’s How Much Congress Got Paid During the Shutdown” for details.

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