Put people to work, help the economy. Invest in Real Estate.

Info-graph from The Blog at Huffpost Business

Info-graph from The Blog at Huffpost Business

Wondering how you can put people to work, increase property values, and aid in generating 9.2 billion dollars in valuable renovations? Invest in real estate, according to Dean Graziosi, author of Be A Real Estate Millionaire.

“The economic impact potential,” according to Graziosi, “can positively transform the life of anyone who invests.” Real estate investing, through “creating more revenue for the jobs real estate investing creates,” also improves the health of both the local and national economy.

According to an accompanying info-graph, with just one home one real estate investor alone typically puts 15 people to work, as well as the employees, or team, of those 15 people. That home is typically renovated thus improving not only its own property value, but also the property values of surrounding homes.

Renovating property, placing occupants in homes, and improving property values also lowers crime rates, according to the “Broken Window Theory.”

 According to the theory presented in the info-graph, “when a neighborhood has more broken windows and dilapidated properties, it is more prone to further vandalism. When properties are improved, neighborhoods improve, which leads to less crime in that specific area.”

Graziosi concludes that although there is a shift occurring in the real estate market, it is still a great time to get involved. “It is still one of the most accessible ways for ‘mom and pop’ types to dramatically improve their financial picture.”

Please read “Want to Create More Jobs and Help the Economy? Invest in Real Estate…” for details.

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