Is your realtor making these mistakes?

Believe it or not, realtors are humans too. Mistakes can be made, but according to Real Estate Expert at City Chic Real Estate, Melissa Terzis for HuffPost, there are three major “stupid things” realtors do that can hinder the success and progress of your transaction, as well as hurt your financial future. Terzis offers her lessons for avoiding these mistakes realtors make:

Lacking the capability to take accountability

“Lesson: Don’t trust people who don’t take accountability for their actions and who blame others for things that are their responsibility.”

Not adjusting according to market changes

“Lesson:… when the market speaks, you have to listen.”

Ditching a client

“Lesson: Don’t get ditched at any point during the process but especially not at settlement when it matters the most to your net worth.”

Melissa concludes that those looking for a realtor should begin their searches with some serious agent research. She suggest talking to people, checking references, as well as checking the State Real Estate Board Complaint Files.

Please read “Stupid Things Your Realtor Might Be Doing” for Melissa’s complete breakdown of her experiences with these common mistakes.



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