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Agent Responsibility

There is a common misconception that brokers, or agents, represent the buyer and the seller equally.  The broker, however, has a financial, legal, and moral obligation to represent the seller, who pays the broker’s fee when the sale is made.  Therefore, the broker does not actually represent the sellers and buyers equally.

However, you can hire a buyer-broker, which is a broker assigned to represent your interests exclusively.  This saves you time and guarantees that you have an agent working on your behalf.  If using a broker this way, expect him or her to research available homes, conduct preliminary investigations of the homes, help you secure financing, follow-up on details such as appraisals and inspections, and represent you in negotiations.

A conflict of interest can arise if the buyer-broker sells you one of his or her own listings. It’s best to discuss this possible conflict with the buyer-broker up front.

For more information about an agent’s responsibility to you when buying a home, contact a Client 1st Investments real estate agent.


About Selling

Client 1st Investments Real Estate agents will do most of the work in selling your home, but it’s important to give them all the ammunition possible! Even an ideal location and price won’t sway a buyer who isn’t attracted to your home.  To present your home in its best light, take a fresh look at it from a potential buyer’s perspective.  Approach your house from the curb.  Is the yard neat and well maintained?  Is the front door sturdy and attractive?  Now, go in the front door.  Make sure the entry way is welcoming, and the home smells nice.  A spacious, clutter-free look is always appealing.

While your decor may suit you, remember buyers want to picture their furniture and accessories in the rooms.  Some successful sellers rent storage areas while their homes are up for sale.  It’s easy to create an airy space with plenty of room by judiciously removing items that make the room feel small or cluttered.  As you examine each room, decide whether a coat of paint would freshen the area.  Remember, neutral colors have a broad appeal.  Before leaving a room, test cabinet doors, drawers, and faucets.   These quick fixes may not attract attention when they’re repaired, but will certainly be noticed if they aren’t.


More information coming soon.


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